Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Super Duper Hectic Two Weeks

My life was completely immersed in an unbearable stressful condition in the past two weeks. To be exact, my hectic life was started a month ago as the first test came in. The first class test of the semester which is UTP class test planted an unforgettable memory which impacted me a lot. I did tonnes of mistakes in it, if I were not mistaken, I got more than 16 questions wrongly.
Moreover, it was a MCQ based paper. After that, the second test came into my life was the General Pharmacology, physical Pharmacy and the next was POC 2. The four tests have completely brought me into an ultimate busy state. I should say they created havoc in my university life. I should not moan,
This is what I chose. Of course, I appreciate to be here, to be in IMU, studying the most hectic course which is BPharm in this well-known medical
Private university in Malaysia. Tests are not all, countless practicals and assignments further drive me crazy. I was once in a state of anxiety on the eve of General Pharmacology test. However, this period passed with accompaniment of my dearie family and friends. I join Student Ambassadors to enlighten my dull life here. Although I am still placed in the three-month probation period, I wish I can be the real Student Ambassador after the probationary period. I am really keen to learn and nourish myself with all the skills. The first activity will be the leadership camp. To be sincere, I am reluctant to join as the examination is just the next day. I really hope I can cope with it. Nevertheless, I caught the box office Ironman 3 in the GSC Mid Valley 'by chance' with my three friends. The marvelous movie was just too fantabulous. EOS examination is just around the corner. I really hope I can pass it with flying colors.

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