Friday, July 18, 2014

Limau-limau Cafe, Jonker Street, Malacca

A friend of mine recommended this cafe although she has never visited before. She was truely attracted to its exquisite design. Hence, we paid it a visit during the second day of our Malacca trip. 

Limau-Limau Cafe is located at Jonker Street. It is quite near to the Jonker Gallery although there are like two branches of Jonker Gallery.

The exterior of Limau Limau Cafe

The interior of the cafe. It was previously a gallery, that explains the overloaded of the master pieces. Picturesque way to enhance the already-very-good ambience.

The lady bosses were both very friendly.
Give you a LIKE.

Focaccia Bread with Cheese and Ham

Absolutely worth every penny spent. The portion was extraordinary huge, it's like lion's share. It is surely a good way to kick start the beauty day!

Although they do not draw coffee art, the simplicity makes everything just right.

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