Friday, June 26, 2009

Design Your Own Gifts@♥♥

Have you heard of

If your answer is N-o then it is the time to update yourselves. ;-)

By the way, what is doing about?

Tada! is the First and Only ONLINE GIFT SHOP which allow you to customize your own gift in Malaysia!

Wow! I discovered it last year and found that is really a Treasure!!!

I decide to share this precious discovery to you,

my friends, classmates, strangers or anyone who visit my blog.

We should share this good news with all the Malaysians.

Pretty gifts line every corner in the website,

you sure can find something you there ,

such as the most beautiful Mini couple tee ,

Miracle Magic Mugs (now with blue and black base colour!!!) ,

Cool Puzzle of your own faces (can hang it inside your room ) ,

Gorgeous Key Chain with you and your beloved's photo ,

the latest Cold Lining Photo Plate ,

Personalized Photo Card which allow you to put your beloved's photo in your purse :-) .

Besides, they are also selling

extraordinary Car Sign ,

unique and High Quality Crystal photo frame (wow! ) ,

and cute Mini Tee.

All the gifts above can be customized as you like. You can choose your favourite colour and pattern there.

Although the gifts there are really picturesque , the prices are reasonable too!!!

Ecomony and good quality.

Suitable for students like me and adults like you^^

A multitude of choices and gift ideas , only at

If you can't believe my words then you should trust your eyes :-P~~~ You will

Customize Your Unique Couple Tee with Text

Couple Tee

Personalized Keychain - A great personalize gift for him to carry your loved ones photo all the time with you.
Coolest Key Chain ever and ever!!! Wooooooooooots.........

Gold Lining Plate - loving and perfect gifts for home decor gift ideas
The most IN designed HoMe DeCor :- u

Cosmetic Mirror  Beauty Lady  Women Gift  Gift For Girl Friend

Cosmetic mirror. You see the photo just like see your beloved^^

You will love

Personalized Photo Card  Birthday Card, Member Card, Family Card, Motivational Card, Inspirational Card  Wedding Card

Silver , Gold and White


Creative Photo Car Sign, Car Decoration, Car Ad, Advertising, Decorative Gift, Creative Imaginations

Car sign, so cute, Kawaiiiiiiiiiii~~~

Crystal Photo Gifts  Wedding  Anniversary  Birthday  Corporate Gift
High Class Crystal photo frame!

I love all the cool gifts and wish to own them. Am I too greedy? Hehe... That's human being! :-P

However, among all the cool gifts , my favourite is this...
I the MOST is

Magic Mug!!! Magic Mug attracts me to this site and I fall in love with it! * (>.<) * Horoscope Mug - Birthday Gift -



 is now promoting an
affiliate program...........

Affiliate = Ads = Free gifts or $


Make Money Today
Last but not least, organises a lot of interesting program and promotion during Mother's day and Father's day, Chinese New Year , Hari Gawai , Hari Raya Aidilfitri , Hari Deepavali and even Valentine's day.

If your friend's birthday is just around the corner and yet you are struggling with what to buy and now your problem has been solved (luckily)!!! Click here welcome bulk orders!!!

Don't hesitate anymore. Just click here to start you
journey. So sweeeeeeeet.

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